New music placements by Rob in collaboration with Michael McGregor and Matt Ender are now airing on Warner TV programs TMZ, EXTRA, The Tyra Banks Show, The Bonnie Hunt Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and MAD on the Cartoon Network.

Rob also recently completed scoring an corporate video for Elli Lilly for ad agency GSW Worldwide.

Robert Alpert's music is expressive, innovative, and while filled with surprises there is an underlying logic and sense of inevitability to his style. His work runs the gamut from lyrically passionate, to richly textured and rhythmically explosive, but is always exciting, always moving.  His company, Robert Alpert Productions, is a resource that delivers unique musical scores on time and within budget.

His music is naturally suited to the mediums of film and television. " The word we hear over and over again from everyone, industry professionals and amateurs alike, is that our music is evocative," says Alpert, "this quality to evoke an emotional response naturally enhances our partnership with film. It is a magical aspect of music that it is able to make the leap from the flat screen into the human heart."  Recent scores include: "Crazy Love," a romantic comedy directed by Marc Posner aired on the Canadian Moviola Channel and; "A Momentary Loss," directed by Michael Voyer starring David Zayas from HBO's "OZ," a dramatic short recently premiered to a packed house at HBO's private screening room in NY.

Alpert is also known for his controversial film shorts, which he wrote and directed while completing his studies at Pratt Institute.  Two of these shorts, "Nocturnally Emitted" and "Propylene Glycol Alginate," were hailed at the time for both their subject matter and cinematic skill.  The latter was shown in Europe where it received critical acclaim.  His scores for these two films were equally lauded.  After Pratt he went on to study classical theory, including counterpoint and harmony at The Juilliard School of Music and then did post-graduate work in classical composition and orchestration at the Mannes College of Music in New York City. 

Today Alpert composes in every genre. New works include his jazzy, rock, world music concept album "The Holy Fool,"  that includes an accompanying scenario that makes it ideal as a work for stage or dance performance as well as just listening.  His growing catalog of works represented by his publishing company Holy Fool Music includes orchestrations of compositions by early 20th century Russian composers, as well as original classical compositions.  Among them: an arrangement for full orchestra from Shostakovich's piano piece "Three Fantastic Dances;" an Art song cycle "Four Love Songs" with poems by 17th Century Poet, John Donne; "String Quartet No. 1 -  In Memoriam & Resurrexit" which was recently premiered by the Avalon String Quartet; and a commissioned arrangement of Prokofiev's "Overture on Hebrew Themes" for woodwind sextet.  Other current projects in-house include an orchestration of a Prokofiev violin sonata for solo violin and orchestra. 

Along with other veterans of the now closed Amato Opera he helped found the Amore Opera now in its 4th season.


Holy Fool Music (ASCAP) is the exclusive USA publisher for the music of Robert Alpert.